Patient Information

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We are happy to see the patients in our office for consultation as requested by you or your referring physician. For appointments call us during regular business hours, Monday through Thursday 8am to 430pm, Friday 8am to 12noon.

We also offer direct access services upon your or your referring physician’s request for colonoscopy to screen for colon cancer or polyps. Direct access means you will directly be seen to have procedure done without an office consultation first. At times, your referring physician will want you to have direct access upper endoscopy.

We accept many different insurances. Please call our office directly to inquire about insurance coverage issues.

Learn more about some of the conditions that we treat daily, by visiting the links below.

Download our required patient information packet and fill it out prior to your appointment

Understanding Bowel Preparation

What is bowel prep? Cleansing the colon before a colonoscopy is called bowel preparation, or “bowel prep.” It involves taking medication that causes diarrhea, emptying the colon. The medication is taken by mouth, and comes [...]

Learn more about different GI conditions

To learn more about different GI conditions, please visit American College of Gastroenterology website. To learn more about different liver conditions, please visit American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases  website.

Understanding Gerd

Gerd stands for Gastroesophageal reflux disease. This is a very common condition that affects millions of Americans. Heartburn and regurgitation of acid are the most common symptoms. Some patients, however, experience other symptoms such as [...]

What are Ambulatory Surgery Centers?

Ambulatory surgery centers or ASCs are facilities where procedures that do not require hospital admission are performed. ASCs provide cost-effective services and a convenient environment that is less stressful than what many hospitals can offer. [...]

What are Colon Polyps?

Polyps are growths involving the lining of the bowel. They can occur in several locations in the gastrointestinal tract but are most common in the colon. They vary in size from less than a quarter [...]